Amsel Media Group Inc. (AMG) operates as a media marketing and content investment company. The company currently has offices in the United States, and a virtual presence worldwide. AMG was started as a father and son company in 2012 by combining their two businesses, Amsel Media and Espike Inc. The AMG comprises six different business divisions (Amsel Media, eSpike, Amsel Music, Amsel Publishing, Amsel Hosting and Amsel Games), giving AMG great flexibility and the unique in-house ability to fulfill all of your media needs. As a full-service shop, we can provide solutions to any of your new media marketing needs.

AMG understands that no two digital media marketing projects are the same, and it's our personal, one-on-one attention to your distinctive needs that consistently produces exceptional results. Through our extensive customized service and support, we'll identify key areas of opportunity, and then empower you to create, implement and manage the correct strategy to bring a positive impact on your company.

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